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Bogota cityscape


Forget everything you think you may know, and welcome to the real Colombia! This country has been safe for visitors for nearly a decade, and indeed you’ll be hard pressed to find friendlier, more welcoming people anywhere else in Latin America. Colombia’s national tourism board has adopted the slogan “The only risk is wanting to stay,” and we could not agree more.


Famous as the birthplace of literary giant Gabriel Garcia Marquez, magical realism, renowned artist Fernando Botero, and of course producer of world-class coffee, Colombia is still relatively off the radar in terms of international tourism. This makes it a perfect choice for seasoned travelers looking for a destination rich in cosmopolitan urban centers, natural beauty and biodiversity, yet largely devoid of crowds.


There is an unmistakable energy everywhere in Colombia as the progress of the last decade consolidates and its benefits become more evident. Now is the time to visit this extraordinary Andean nation.


Let us put our passion for Colombia to work for you, creating an authentic and unforgettable journey!


Here are at least 12 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Colombia Now.

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